Using our Chocolate wax, our team at Spice offers the highest quality wax at the best price. We promise, no matter what part of the body you are waxing, it will be a pleasant experience. Our waxing experts will follow your waxing treatment with a post-wax massage to relax your skin and help prevent skin irritations.

Lady Waxing Services

First Brazilian Wax at Spice $55

Required for our first time clients at Spice. Our waxing experts will ensure you are comfortable throughout the process and discuss with you the options for our Brazilian waxes. We use our signature chocolate wax to minimize redness, discomfort and ingrown hairs.

Full Brazilian Maintenance $47

Our Chocolate Brazilian wax will leave you completely hairless, including between the cheeks!

Modest Brazilian Maintenance $42

Using our chocolate wax, you will receive a full Brazilian but we will leave you with any hair you wish on the front area: a strip, triangle or bikini area.

Classic Bikini Wax $27

A traditional bikini wax removing any hair you would like from the top and sides using our chocolate wax.

+ $5 between the cheeks

Bikini Line Waxing $22

Using our chocolate wax, this is a quick cleanup removing the hair from your bikini line.

+ $5 between the cheeks

Body Waxing Services

Full Arms Waxing (excludes underarms) $32

Half Arm Waxing $20

Underarm Waxing $12

Back Waxing $30

Tummy Waxing $20

Full Leg Waxing $45

Half Leg Waxing $22

Waxing Combos

Full Arm & Underarm Waxing $42

Full Arm & Leg Waxing $72

Full Legs & Bikini Line Waxing $64

Full Legs & Brazilian Waxing $90

Full Body Waxing $225

Men’s Waxing Services

Men’s Full Arm Waxing $35

Men’s Back Wax $45

Men’s Chest & Stomach Wax $50